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The Amazon Vine program

March 28th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

I love Amazon, and I use their reviews more than any other sites. I wrote an email to someone talking about their Vine reviews today and I figured I’d paste it in here, just because it’s something that constantly irks me while looking at books on there. I don’t feel like fleshing it out to a long article, or adding a picture or anything, it’s just a tidbit.

Hey this is sort of related, but also sort of off topic: With Amazon reviews, the LEAST useful reviews ever are the ones that are through the Vine program (where people get books ahead of time for free if they review them). Those reviews stand out like a sore thumb. They’re often quite long, but you can usually tell that the person doesn’t really have a strong opinion. They’re just writing the review so they keep their standing in the Vine program, and they clearly go out of their way to find things to like or dislike about the books. I wish there was an option on Amazon to not even show those dumb things and just see the normal reviews where people actually had an opinion and THEN went to tell other people.


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