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Predictions for 2014

December 28th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

Here are my predictions for 2014:

Biggest fashion trend of the year is black leather.

David Bowie will play a couple of shows in London and/or NYC.

There will be a new, bigger screened iPhone, but no iWatch.

Chuck Berry will be in the news in the spring or early summer.

It has been a while since there’s been a popular TV show about a psychic.

Donald Trump in the garbage.

Olympics proceed without incident.

Baby news for Eddie Vedder.

In the world of sports: Tigers take it all.

No comeback for fish. Many less fish in the oceans than in 2013.

Jack White begins dating fitness model.

In the world of liquor: Tequila has a revival.

Bill Cosby in controversy over ill-advised tweet.

Huge news for Viacom shareholders.

Huge news in Cuba.

True reason for the last pope resigning comes to light, but not officially confirmed.

Huge news for Mythbusters fans.

Baby news for Rolling Stone member.

Avril Lavigne receives critical praise for an unexpected acting role.

Large earthquake in Asia.

Lead Breaking Bad actor takes on role in medical drama.

Queen dead.

Lenny Kravitz makes a triumphant return to music.

Warren Beatty murdered.

Noam Chomsky all over the news this year.

Vanity Fair will shutter its print publication.

The newest health scare in American cities: African fleas.

Alicia Keys collaborates with a longtime Pitchfork favorite.

Doctor Who star drops child.

Former Rob Ford aide charged with murder or manslaughter.

A return to the limelight for Dave Navarro and Kurt Novoselic???

Former American Idol winner arrested for DUI.

Burger King sales plummet as contaminated food is found in restaurants in southern USA.

Dave Grohl releases country album.

Political turmoil in France ends happily, just short of things turning violent.

Big Bang Theory regular signed as voice for planned Angry Birds movie.

In the world of tech: Snapchat falters, and Facebook makes a comeback.

In the world of tech: Bad financial news for Netflix causes the cancellation of several of their original shows.

Panda video goes viral.

Wedding bells for Selena Gomez!

Unprecedented political changes in China.

George Michael releases book.

L.L. Cool J heart attack.

Many think Kanye West/Marilyn Manson awards show altercation was publicity stunt.


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